June 29, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

It's summer!  And nothing says summer is here quite like a bowl of fresh sweet strawberries!  And, since they happen to be one of my favorite things I love having free labor to help pick them!  (Note: I don't think I violate any child labor laws in the pictures to follow!) 
Look Linds, red hands!
Off to work!
Ava is looking for the perfect strawberry!
So many to choose from!
It's hard work...
Makayla found the biggest one!
Field trip success!

June 27, 2013

Operation Playhouse

Graham seriously is the best daddy in the world!  He deserves this title for multiple reasons but today I'm just going to show one reason why we think so: The Playhouse! 
It started like this on a Sunday afternoon!  He had no plan, no blue prints, just an idea and lots of patience!  (the bubble bucket was a little distraction for daddy's helper!  You'll see him below!)
Wells LOVED working on this project too!
This one just makes me smile!
Wells wanted to play in the "playhouse" even when there wasn't one!  Ford, he pretty much didn't care!  Sidenote: Graham made the length of the fort long enough for an adult to lay down inside.  His purpose was so he could campout with the boys (well, just Wells for now) this fall!  He's a fun dad!
Look Mommy, there's a slide!  We were able to save some money by finding a slide on Craig's List!  It required a little TLC with soap and a brush but it was well worth it!
And there you have it...our playhouse!  We are all so proud of it!  Graham did one heck of a job!  I'd say the boys struck gold with this one...and the playhouse is pretty cool too! ;)

June 26, 2013

The Boy Turned One, cont.

So, like we discussed on Monday, Ford turned ONE in May!  We had a fun, laid back play-date party for the little guy which was just Ford's style!  (He's our laid-back fella, much like his daddy!)

 Here's the invitation done by amy adele!  If you have not checked them out...do it!  You'll be glad you did!





We had such a special day filled with friends, family, and babies...all of which we could not be more thankful!  Oh Happy Day!  (please note that Ford demolished his cake...I mean, he killed it!  And loved every minute!) 
For extra fun you can check out highlights from Big Brother's first birthday party here


June 24, 2013

The Boy Turned One

May was a busy month!  (Apparently there have been a few busy months since our last meeting but hey, who's counting!)  May was mostly busy because of one MAJOR life event in our fam...our littlest boy turned ONE!
Here's a snapshot (or 12) at Ford's first year!




He's been nothing but a pure joy!  And we're thrilled that we're getting a front row seat to his life, month after month!  Here's to you little buddy!  We love you so much!