February 28, 2011

Come Monday...

"...it'll be alright!" 
Jimmy Buffet may not have been talking about T.V. when he sang it but I can surely tell you that my Monday night line-up has helped me with my case of the Mondays!
-Oscar reviews on Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, and Inside Edition!
-The Bachelor
-and a total bonus...the season opener of Bethenny Ever After
It just does not get much better than that my friends!
Amen Jimmy...I hear ya buddy!

February 25, 2011

It's a Special Day!

Okay, I know that he's been ONE for a while (since September) but I didn't have this fun little blog around the time of his first birthday!  So...I thought I would do a First Birthday Post today, on the day that he turns 17 months!  Fun, huh!
I must admit that I started thinking about his birthday party a few months before the big day!  It is such a special day (for mommy, daddy, and baby) and I wanted his day to be just perfect!  He had a major "bro-mance" with Mickey Mouse so coming up with a theme was pretty easy for me.  And once you have a theme you can do just about anything!
I started with this invitation!
And then it was time to design his 1st Birthday outfit!  To be honest I always thought we'd go a traditional birthday jon jon, but I didn't!  Here's what he wore:
Just love that snaggled-tooth grin he was rocking here! :)

As for the rest of the party details things just kinda came together on their own!  We did the party in our backyard thanks to my dear friend Beth!  She said we'd enjoy looking back at his party and with the memory of it being at our home...and boy was she right!  Here's how the rest of the party went:
The cookie-cutter party favors that my sweet friend Lindsey helped me put together!

The cupcakes made by Amanda Smith along with ice cream cups!

 The food table!  Excuse the fan, it was hot and we are in the south and well, we can't have a cook-out without our special guests...flies!
 The favor table!
Chef Mickey!
Wells' smash cake!

"Can't a boy eat his cake in peace?"

 Wells and D.D.!  (GrandJohn was running a little late!)
 Wells with his MiMi and Papa!
 Wells and his Nana and Pa Pa!
 Mandi, Aunt Missy, GrandJohn, and Tim
 Minnie Mouse (Patterson) and Archer
 Wells and Caroline
 The Stepps with Uncle Tim and Nana
 Papa giving Wells' birthday blessing!
 Kristen, the Plylers, and sweet Makenna!  You can also see Mia and her mommy Natalie in the background!
 Melinda and Brooke! 
These pictures do not even begin to portray how blessed and loved Graham and I felt on this day!  It was the perfect day to celebrate our precious boy!  And we were beyond thrilled that we were able to celebrate it with the most special people! 
"We will praise Him!  For you, Wells, were fearfully and wonderfully made!" Psalm 139:14
Happy 17 Months Buddy!  Thanks for all of the love, laughter, adventure, and fun you bring into our lives!

February 23, 2011

Kat's Girls Weekend!

Katherine, my middle sister is getting married in just over two weeks!  So, last weekend all of Kat's special girls headed up to Lake Keowee to celebrate!  This was not your typical Bacherlorette Party and I must tell you, it was better!  Take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean!
We slumbered here...one word, WOW!

We watched movies in the home theatre!  
Sex and the City 2...the perfect choice! 
We had chefs for Saturday night! 
Chef Mark and Chef Patrick 
We took a cooking class!
Bon Appetit! 
We made dessert, Paula Deen style!  Just look at all of that butter!
Our very own homemade dinner...which included hand-made tortellini! 
And we ate the most unbelievable Banana's Foster....ever!

So, was I right or what?  This wasn't your typical Bacherlorette Party!  However, we did manage to pull in a few traditions! 
We hung the infamous "Bacherlorette Banner"! 
We ate sweets and had a few cocktails! ;) 
We had a lingerie shower!  And Kat wore some very tasteful favors!

We chilled out at the bar! 
We wore matching t-shirts! 
We had girl time with girl talk! 
And we posed for pictures, of course! 

It's almost time for the big day!  The count-down is on!  And I can't wait!  Here's to Kat....the future Mrs. Westmoreland! 

February 21, 2011

Roses are Red

I am always a little sad on Monday nights when The Bachelor goes off.  That was a totally ridiculous comment I know but it's the truth!  And, another really silly fact is I swore I WOULD NEVER watch the show again after the whole Jason/Melissa/Molly drama!  But, who I am kidding?  I am a sucker for awkward dates, fantasy suites, cocktail parties, and rose ceremonies!  So here I sit again...totally hooked!  And totally smitten with Brad Womack.  Gasp!  I think he's the real deal!  And I just can't wait to see who he is going to choose!
Here's who we have left:
Hmmm....Chantal is an interesting one for me!  I really liked her in the beginning but I have found myself liking her less and less.  I do, however, think that Brad really likes her.  We'll see!

Emily Maynard The Bachelor 2011
Oh, sweet Emily!  It seems as if she and Brad are already in love!  She's got my vote for sure!  And I have to ask, am I the only one who was totally impressed with her house? 

Contestant Ashley Hebert from The Bachelor 15 with Brad Womack 2011
I don't have much to say ole Ashley.  I mean, I kinda thought she was already a dentist...that was weird!  That's really all I've got on her!

3 weeks left!  And only 1 more rose ceremony where Chris Harrison will announce, "Ladies, Brad, this is the final rose of the evening."  (The most annoying part of the entire show I might add!)
Roses are red.

            Shawntel is blue.

                     I think he'll pick Emily.

                                 What about you?