August 31, 2011

For Sale!

Our house that is!  Know anyone on the market for a great house?  

August 30, 2011

It's Been a While!

And since I've been away this is just a little look into what we've been doing!  (some of these pictures date back a month or so...I know, I'm a slacker!)
 A few weekends this summer were filled with these fine folks as we celebrated the nuptials of my cousin Whitaker!  (More pictures from the wedding weekend to come!)  But here are a few from a par-tay for the happy couple!  Above you'll see me and my awesome step-bro and step-sis!  Love them!
And below you'll see Mutt and Jeff...
 That's a little better guys!
 And another wow!
 This is what happens when Graham gets the camera!  Me looking less than thrilled!
 Two of my favorite people!

And, when we were not celebrating Whit and Bobby we were having fun with a special little guy named Bo!
 Just hanging around!
One day while Bo's mommy worked I got to keep the little fella!  Wells and I had a ball!  And, it was an extra fun day because my bestest friend Kristen came to hang out with us!  I didn't get pictures with the boys and Aunt Krusten but I can assure you that fun was had by all!
  I put Bo in Wells' crib for a second and when I came back to get him I found this...
Like mother like son! ;)

I'll be back with more from my hiatus!  Sooner rather than later people, I promise!

August 9, 2011

Bells Will Ring...

It's Wedding Time ladies and gentlemen and we are so excited! My little cousin Whitaker is getting married this Saturday and we seriously could not be happier! Here's to a weekend filled with fun, family, food, and just plain fabulousness! And here's to the happy couple!
To Whitaker and Bobby! :)

August 2, 2011

Life and Such!

Hey guys! I have been a little M.I.A. Recently and I have no excuse except to say that I have just been consumed with life! Can I get a witness! I have had so much to tell you guys but have really not had 10 minutes to sit down with my computer to actually do it! And, I miss you! But, unfortunately I don't have the time today to tell you all that I need to! So, I am just going to have to leave you with this:
I recently finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett! Wow, I know what all of the hype is about! I seriously could not put it down! And, to be perfectly honest since finishing it I have gone to bed every night really missing my time with Skeeter, Aiblieen, and Minny! I have missed Aiblieen the most! I loved getting lost in that book! I can't wait for the movie! Beth, it's still a date, right?
Any who, Happy Tuesday friends!
"Maybe I ain't too old to start over, I think, and I laugh and I cry at the same time at this. Cause just last night I thought I was finished with everthing new."