September 7, 2011

School Days!

Happy September!  It's so hard to believe that school has started and fall is coming in full-swing!  Even though Wells only goes to school 2 days a week (and it's only a Mother's Morning Out) I still find myself missing our lazy summer days at home!  He, on the other hand, pulled into the parking lot screaming "Yay!" and when asked if he liked school we got a loud "Yes!"  He napped on a mat (huge accomplishment that Graham and I swore would never happen), ate lunch while sitting on a bench and not a high chair, and walked into his classroom all by himself! So it's official, School has Sprung in the Stepp house!  And my baby boy is growing before my very eyes!   
Here's a picture of the little guy on his first day of school: (please ignore the water stains, he now insists on brushing his teeth alone!)
And here's a flashback for you, Wells on his first day last year:


  1. unbelievable...our cutest little man has turned into the cutest chunky boy! yep, I said chunky...he's getting so big and so happy that he's happy at school and that his mama is happy too!

  2. he is SOOO adorable!