November 8, 2011

Face to Face

How many pictures do you have like this...two people smiling shoulder to shoulder for the camera?  If you're anything like us I'm imagining you have a ton!  And don't get me wrong, it's not a bad pose for a picture.  But, how does this stance work for a marriage?  My husband challenged me/us with a message he listened to last week.  Mark and Grace Driscoll have this to say about marriage:
A shoulder-to-shoulder marriage is one in which the couple works together on tasks and projects, such as keeping the home, raising the kids, growing the business, and serving the church.
 A face-to-face marriage is one in which, in addition to the shoulder-to-shoulder work, the couple gets a lot of face-to-face time for conversation, friendship, and intimacy.
Hmm, anyone else feeling like it's easy to get caught up in life's demands for a shoulder-to-shoulder marriage?  I mean, with everything else going on isn't that daily conversation with your spouse usually the easiest thing to cut out?  My challenge to you, spend some time FACE-TO-FACE!  I guarantee that it'll be worth it...
to everyone in your family!

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