February 25, 2013

Sweet Moment

If you know anything about my childhood you've probably heard mention of my dear Big Catherine.  Big Catherine was my nanny from birth to around age 8.  We called her Big Catherine because of my sister Katherine and she fit the name perfectly.  Not because of her size, but because of the person that she was in my mind...amazing!  She left when I was in the second grade and I can still remember leaving my house for school that morning knowing that she would not be there when I got home.  (Oh, that still leaves a pit in my stomach as I type!)  Big Catherine always waited for us at the bus stop and would tell us how much she missed us that day while we were at school.  I believed her too!  She would have our snacks laid out with a paper towel over the plate so the chips wouldn't taste stale.  (It's funny the things you remember!)  And she was obsessed with keeping our Keds white, I mean like sparkling white!  (Don't judge, you know you wore them too!)  She started keeping my sisters just before I was born so when they started school I had quite a bit of alone time with Big Catherine.  We had a standing Friday lunch date to KFC!  Hence my LOVE for fried chicken! 
She was MY Big Catherine and I was HER baby!  Oh how I love that woman! 
So, imagine the joy I felt this year as I watched the precious soul that rocked me hold my baby!
And here she is with the whole crew (minus Whitaker, and that's Tee behind the DS)
Oh happy day! 

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