July 1, 2013

Yankee Doodle

With the 4th of July upon us I thought I'd do a throwback to last year's events as a recap!  So, here's what this week looked like for us a year ago:
 We kicked off our week's festivities with the fireworks in Sugar Creek!  Can't wait to compare this year's picture to the one above!  Poor Ford is barely hanging on for dear life but he was a trooper!  I remember that he slept through the entire fireworks show in Jami's arms! (The twins went home with their grandparents so she was childfree and oh so gracious to help out with Ford!)
These two have SO many pictures like this!  I have a feeling there will be many more to follow as well!  Emma Gray usually wins out for title of Wells' best girl...other than mommy of course! ;)
I love Ford's "enough people!" expression!  However, our rule is, as long as Graham and I look somewhat normal the picture is a keeper! 
Here you have Wells and his big cousins on the actual 4th waiting for multiple fireworks shows!  We went to my father-in-law's church and from the parking lot you can see at least 3 of Greenville's biggest displays!  It was amazing and free and not even a portion of the crowd!  Perfect way to spend the holiday!  (I mean, and who doesn't love a hot summer night on a blanket with an iPhone!)
So, there's our little flashback!  Stay tuned this week for more patriotic posts!  And, feel free celebrate with these old guys as well!  Happy! Happy!

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