January 13, 2011

Did You Hear? It Snowed!

Yes, that's right...it snowed...8 inches!  Which means the following:
-We were snowed in, for 2 days!
-We ate entirely too much!
-We played outside...a lot!
-We ate some more!
-We had numerous Wii tournaments!  (Our Wii had taken a 2 year hiatus, but boy did we have some fun this week!)
-We made snow cream! 
-We had a blast!
Here are just a few pictures to document the BIG SNOW of 2011!
Our Snow Buddy ready for the SNOW!  Notice his boots...we went all out this winter! ;)

Kinda scared to move! 

I like the snow...well, as long as I am standing still!

This is much better Daddy!
The Confederate in the snow!

I can be an angel!  (Sometimes!)

"What is this stuff that keeps falling in my eyes?"
Yummy, snow cream!

Wells watching Daddy play some tennis!

The snow brings out the kid in all of us!

Snug as a bug!

Happy Snow Day Days!


  1. Your family is just beautiful!!! Are you in the south?!

  2. Thanks so much Michelle! We are in South Carolina...snow is quite the ordeal! ;)
    I am still an infant in the blog world but I am loving Ten June!

  3. I'm so glad you're liking it!! :)

    That's awesome! I went to College of Charleston- are you in the low country?!