January 14, 2011

Happy Friday...and a New Obsession!

Happy Friday everyone!  We have all been cooped up around here (some may have even been a little stir crazy) so we are happy to see the weekend upon us!  We are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend which includes the wedding of one of my best friends from high school!  (Look for a recap next week!)
Another thing I am totally pumped about doing this weekend is purchasing some new K-Cups for my NEW KEURIG!  (It's the little things in life people, come on!)

Umm, you totally guessed it...this is my new obsession!  This wonderful piece of machinery is turning this recreational coffee drinker into a Coffee Lover! :)  Now, one of my most exciting activities in the morning is deciding which K-Cup to brew!  I know, I know!  But I must remind you again...little things! :)
My personal favorites thus far:  (in no particular order)
Anywho, enjoy a cup of Joe of your own, TGIF, and Happy Friday everyone!


  1. UMMMM....I am so proud of you for enjoying a cup of joe in the a.m.'s!!! I expect to be invited over to enjoy a cup with you and Wells since I am a professional coffee drinker! I need to make sure you are enjoying it correctly! Haha!

  2. oh the keurig...what a wonderful invention...as soon as baby #2 comes and I can enjoy a cup of coffee again without being nauseas, Im so getting one of those! They are perfection!

  3. OH MY I got one of these for Christmas and I am in heaven!!! I love the hazelnut flavor and the french vanilla- but I'm a sucker for fancy flavored coffee. Glad someone else is obsessed like me!! :)