February 12, 2012

The Real Reason

Wow, has it really been since November since we've last spoken?  There's been so much going on with us and I can only imagine how busy you guys have been! 
I have lots to catch up on but before I start I want to let you know The Real Reason for my absence...it has everything to do with this little guy:
Yes Ladies and Gentleman we had a crash, a hard drive crash!  And though this little beauty isn't the latest and greatest, it is my friend!  And up until November it had always been reliable!  So imagine my devastation as I go to fire this little puppy up and it won't even turn on!  AHH, I wanted to scream!  And, honestly, I wanted to cry!  Not just because I wanted my computer but because I wanted the mounds of pictures and movies that were stored on it!  ( Sidenote: Back up, Back up, Back up! )
Anywho, the computer seemed to be a goner along with Wells' life in pictures and I was not a happy camper!  Thus began the 3 month journey of repair, try and repair again, and contemplate buying a new one.  And during this time, my friends, I just didn't have the heart to blog!  I know it sounds crazy but I couldn't blog from another computer!  It felt like sleeping in someone elses' bed, using someone elses' toothbrush, or pooping in someone elses' potty!  It just didn't feel right!  So that's The Real Reason I've been gone!  But we're back up and running!  My computer is back!  I'm back!  Amen!


  1. glad you are back!!! hope you were able to at least rescue some pictures!

  2. welcome back, love reading your posts! I sure hope you got some of those pictures back. I wanted to hunt down that person who stole Daniel's laptop last month..it would not be pretty lets put it that way. Pictures are memories and it just hurts when they are lost or stolen! I hope you got them back though!