March 13, 2013

Another One About Jewelry

A couple of years ago I wrote a post all about earrings!  You can reread it here!  And, what do you know, I'm in the mood for another post about jewelry!  Here are some of my favorites and some things on my wish list!
I'm still rocking the pearls...though Ford doesn't seem too impressed by them!

 Any given day you're sure to find me in these hoops!  They go with everything and I love 'em!
And in true Mare fashion I still believe that when it comes to earrings...the bigger the better!
This bracelet from J.Crew is definitely one of my recent favorites!  But, I must confess...I have a knock-off!  (And it looks dang good if I say so myself!
Now, here are some wish list items:
I adore these gold hoops and had originally seen them on Layla Grayce but they're gone!  (She says with MUCH disappointment!)
I absolutely love this gold beauty from J.Crew and I need because it would go GREAT with the bracelet that I already have...don't you agree?  Graham doesn't so much agree with that logic!
Anywho, there's some midweek fun for you all!  They say diamonds are a girls best friend but I'm usually happy with any jewel!  And, chances are, if you are reading this are just that! 

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