May 27, 2011

28 on the 27th!

The Top 2-8 List of things that I love about Graham!
1. He is handsome.  (an obvious one!)
2. He is a really great dad.
3. He always makes me laugh.
4. He has a strong work ethic.
5. He is willing to take risks for our family.
6. He is handy...and that tends to be very helpful!
7. He smiles A LOT!
8. He prays for and with our family.
9. He is willing to do things that I enjoy, even when they are not his favorite.
10. We have a history.
11. He is strong and athletic.
12. He eats my cooking and always says he likes it. ;)
13. He has a servant's heart.
14. I look forward to growing old with him.
15. He always walks Lucy...even when it's raining.
16. He gets up with Wells early in the morning.
17. He knows how to handle my moods.
18. He enjoys family time and makes it a priority.
19. He said YES...when I asked him out 12 years ago.
20. He wants a big family.
21. We have fun together.
22. He wants to travel with me.
23. I respect him.
24. He is passionate about our church.
25. He is my best friend.
26. He loves Wells!
27. He loves Me!
28. He loves Jesus!
Happy Birthday Graham!  I sure do love you!


  1. Happy B-day Graham! Thankful you were born!

  2. Happy Birthday Graham! You two look great and your little guy is adorable!