May 2, 2011

Easter Weekend

A Recap in Pictures! (a week late, I know!)
The Butlers were here and Tee smiled like this the ENTIRE time!
Despite the occassional assault by Wells! 
The Easter Bunny came on Friday night and we spent the night at D.D.'s house!  Graham and I have decided that the EB will come every year on Friday night!  It made for a MUCH calmer Sunday morning and in the future it will also help keep all of the focus on the main reason for the day...Jesus!  Don't worry everyone, I have already thought of what we'll tell the kiddos as to why he comes worries! ;)

Wells was way more interested in the ice machine and Pat Pat's loot versus his own typical!
He later discovered this book that we have read no less than 2,000 times in the past week!
 Wells and Pat Pat are in a class all to themselves! 

 Nothing like eating cookies at 7:00 in the morning!
Or playing in the garage in your p.j.'s!  One happy boy!
One word: Joy!  Ok, seven words: I could eat you with a spoon!
 Egg Hunt at Aunt Mare and Uncle Graham's! 
 Perfect photo op, of course!

 Not a chance he's reaching for the veggies...
 No telling what's coming out of Pat Pat's mouth!
 The troops are ready for the egg hunt, well...sorta!
 CeCe had a pretty aggressive approach!
 Pat Pat seemed to be a little more relaxed about the whole thing!
 And though Wells finally got a few...
 He enjoyed this part most of all!
 That's pretty much Wells in a nutshell eggshell!
 Love these ones!
 Time to hunt eggs with Graham's family.  And these little guys seem thrilled!  Okay, not so much!
 The older kids made up for them though!

It was such a great weekend!  And best of all...we celebrated and rejoiced in a risen Savior!
Oh Happy Day!


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  1. love all of the photos! looks like fun was had by all :)