June 3, 2011

Friday's Random Food Facts!

I could eat Mexican food every day!  I don't have to be in the mood for it...I don't have to be craving it...I don't even really have to be hungry, I can eat it whenever!

I love all cakes with cream cheese frosting!  I especially love carrot cake!

I'm a chicken fried girl!  I love me some fried chicken with all of the fixins'!  I pretty much love most all southern cooking for that matter!

I eat McDonald's proudly!  In fact, Wells doesn't like chicken nuggets right now and I am kinda disappointed about it! 

My 93 year old grandmother calls lunch/dinner.  She has never used the word dinner when referring to the last meal of the day!

I pretty much love all candy bars, even Almond Joys!  I also love dark chocolate!

I love pickles!  I don't like olives!

Steak and red wine are a heavenly combination!

I think a good cheeseburger with fresh cut french fries are a deal changer!  Throw in a cold beer and you're really speaking my language!

Here's to hoping that your weekend is filled with lots of good eats!  Happy Friday my Fellow Foodies!
Here's Wells last summer enjoying one of his favorites...spaghetti, with a side of chicken!  Don't you just love that mullet with his snaggle-tooth grin! ;)

And on a totally different note...head over to We Fancy That and check out Reese!  He came into the world last night and Wells is THRILLED to have a new best bud!  We love you Beth, Wes, Counts, and Reese! 


  1. Mary Lanier...you are so cute! I now know that we have very similar taste in food. If only you were closer, we could go eat Mexican with burgers for dessert:)

    Hope you and you boys are doing well! xo

  2. Thea, that sounds like a plan to me! And we could share our fries with Miss...oops, she doesn't share fries, but she could get her own! ;)