June 22, 2011

A Room Un-Do

I always love posts about room make-overs and have so much fun seeing how creative and innovative people are!  Unfortunately, this post is the opposite of that!  The one thing I am having to get used to the older Wells gets is that things do not always go as planned...nor do things stay the way that I think they should!  Take Wells' room for example!
Wells' nursery at 3 months of age:
Wells turned 3 months on Christmas Day...ahem, the wreath!
My sweet first graders painted the pictures below!
And here is Wells' room at almost age 2:
 Notice the rip in his diaper stacker...which came from putting cars, trucks, books, and blocks inside and then pulling them out as hard as he could!
 Remember the nice clean wall under the window...that's now packed with toys!
 And another nook stuffed with toys...
 And yet another!
And this, it's just a hole in the wall!  Wells did that one day as he was bulldozing the door as hard as he could!  In the battle of doorknob vs. the wall, the doorknob won!

And you know, as much as I love order and NEAT...I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world!  (However, I do look forward to a house with a playroom!  I mean, come on now, a girl's gotta have something to look forward to!  And a little boy's gotta have another room to torment!)

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  1. it happens, just had to minimize lu and jesses room and suprisingly enough they play with more of their stuff. those primary colored toys can really pile up and they drive my eyes CRAZY!
    oh, you could do the christmas thing too, where you take and hide and bring back out for presents! ha!!!!! my mom did that! good luck....no playroom in these parts either! love you