April 29, 2011

Here's to the Royal Couple!

I had a few plans for the Royal Wedding Day and none of which have turned out!  Thanks to a stomach bug so generously given to me by sweet little boy I didn't make it up for the 4am footage!  I am looking forward to Wells' naptime so that I may catch up!  I also wanted to post a fun wedding post full of pictures from our own wedding but thanks to that bug again I didn't quite finish that up!  I mentioned this fairy tale life the other day, didn't I?
Anywho, I sure hope William and Kate have a life full of fun, laughter, happy tears that out way the sad ones, and lots of beautiful babies! (Dude, can you imagine what their kids will look like?)
Happy Royal Wedding Day Everyone!


  1. aww what a beautiful bride you were! you kind of resemble kate :) i'm watching all my DVRed coverage tonight...but what i've seen so far, amazing!!! hope you feel better asap!

  2. so so sorry you are sick...I hope you feel better asap! stomach bug is zero fun...love you