July 25, 2011

Clean-Up Your Act!

Or, just clean out your cell phone!  You won't believe the little jewels that you'll find!  Hope you enjoy!
 Wells loves his church! 
This actually happens on a daily basis!
 Just chillin' in his little cousin's bouncy seat...and outfit!  Good thing he is not standing in the picture, the outfit was not near as flattering that way!
 Fall of 2010 flashback! 
Think outside of the box buddy!
 "Make a funny face!"
Phew, I'm beat!
 Wells loves being with the big kids, especially his big cousins!
 No words needed!
What's Daddy doing out there?
"Mom, I'm having fun!  Even though you made me wear socks with my crocs!"
 I really like him!
And he really likes Lucy!
Say cheese, or just eat it! :)

Now wasn't that fun! 
Happy Monday everyone! 

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