July 17, 2011

What Happens in Folly...

Stays in Folly!  Except for what you read or see on here! ;)

I just got home from my little cousins bacherlorette party!  We spent 4 days at Folly Beach doing things that most people don't do on a Bacherlorette party!

We stayed in and had girly slumber parties:
We protested the injustices of the world:
We conserved gas and took public transportation:
We went on cultural city tours:
We were tree-huggers:
And we supported local charities:
Okay okay...we really didn't do any of those things!  But we did help these guys raise money for their dodge ball team!  That counts for something, right?

We actually spent the weekend doing exactly what you would expect us to do:
We laughed:
We danced:
We talked:
We took lots of pictures:
And we just flat-out had a good time:
 Here's Folly Beach, you gave us a weekend to remember! 
And here's to Whitaker and Bobby...you gave us one heck of a reason to celebrate! 
No time for sleep now Whit Whit, the countdown is officially on! 

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  1. so so fun...this might be one of my favorite posts ever!