July 14, 2011

A List...

of things that I want to remember about Wells just before the age of 2:

(warning: this post will most likely be very boring for you!  But, I haven't done a very great job of scrap booking for this little guy so I assume my blog will be the window into his childhood!)

-he could live on bananas and gold fish
-he loves Dora, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Special Agent Oso
-he thinks Graham and I are very funny (this won't last forever!)
-he can say quite a few words, some of which include Lucy, D.D., juice, okay, yes, and outside (he still says Lily sometimes which kinda makes me sad)
-he gives lots of "high-fives" and "bumps"
-his first word was Hola! and he quickly learned Adios!
-he grabs a book and backs up to you to sit in your lap
-he loves to play in Graham's closet...he closes the door and isn't afraid of the dark
-he is obsessed with the ice machine at D.D. and GrandJohn's
-he takes one nap a day
-he loves water, bath, pool, whatever
-he doesn't like to come inside after playing outside
-he loves older kids especially his many cousins
-he gives hugs and I can't get enough of them
-he LOVES french fries
-he likes to color but would rather eat the crayons or stick them in his ears
-he can throw a pretty good fit complete with head banging or stomping
-he can jump out of his crib
-he loves making animal sounds
-he picks his nose when I tell him to touch it when pointing out body parts

I know, it's a random list!  But I just really want to remember this stuff!  :)  Life goes by too fast as it is and I am having a hard time remembering what day of the week it is! 
Here's to you buddy!


  1. cute list and a great way to remember :) he is adorable!

  2. I love this ML... you will love looking back at this precious list. Love that sweet boy too!