March 28, 2011

Friday Night and a Wedding Dress!

It was just a typical Friday night in our house...Graham and I snacked on chips and french onion dip before dinner, we gave Wells a bath, finished up some odd and end chores to prepare for our Saturday morning trip to NC, and I put on my wedding dress!  What, did I type that right...I put on my wedding dress?  I guess that's not so typical huh?  Well, I did!  My sweet cousin Whitaker plans to wear my veil in her wedding this summer which was preserved with my dress, so I figured, what the heck the box is open, let's see if that puppy still fits!  And....
It did! :)
 So I twirled with my littlest prince!  My big prince was behind the camera...still as precious as the day I married him!
And I posed for another picture!  If I am being totally honest I did not want to take it off!  I mean, it was the dress I wore on one of the most magical days of my life!  So, minus the wrinkles (in the dress that is!), and the sports watch, the lack of makeup, and the toddler playing at my feet I felt just like a princess! 
Hope you had a royal moment last weekend too! :)


  1. way to go! that's impressive...after be able to fit back in your wedding dress. you look beautiful!

  2. Aw, thanks Heather! I couldn't resist trying it on! And then of course I just had to blog about it! ;)

  3. ok one word: AMAZING!

    ok fine, more words: what the heck, way to go, seriously, this is incredible that you still fit in that beautiful thing! so fun!

  4. I think I love you, I really do! YOU ROCK for doing this! Seriously!! I bet you're the kind of girl who breaks out the fine china for pizza, don't you?? ;) Love it. Makes me want to go put my wedding dress on!! You look beautiful, no make up, toddler, sports watch and all!

  5. love it. i am with beth: amazing. you look great and i bet you look even happier now!

  6. You are SO COOL! I tried to fit back in my dress a few years ago and couldn't even begin to get it zipped in the back. Props to you for pulling this off - and you look beautiful!