March 20, 2011

Poop or Perfume?

"For out of the overflow of your heart your mouth speaks."
Luke 6:45
Last week in HomeGroup we took a little break from doing an actual "study" and had a movie night instead.  It was fun, relaxing, and encouraging.  We watched Facing the Giants and being as it is a football movie is was a great break from March Madness! :)  One of the best scenes from the movie is when the coach is talking to his football team about their attitudes, words, and actions being a true reflection of what is in their hearts.  The message was that our hearts have an aroma...good or bad people can tell what is in your heart by the way that you live.  I loved the scene and loved the message but had not thought much about it until this morning when our pastor referenced the above verse.  So, I sat in church thinking "Mary Lanier, poop or perfume?  What does your heart smell like?"
And, that's just the question that I would like to ask you?  As we head into this week ask yourself, poop or perfume?  When something doesn't quite go your way this week and you want to react...poop or perfume?  When the world isn't quite meeting up to your standards...poop or perfume?  When your children, co-workers, family, friends are making you a little crazy...poop or perfume?  
When picking perfume I prefer a light and airy scent that's fresh, sweet and undeniably pleasant.  Actually when I pick a perfume that I like I usually stick with it for years and years, it's something that I don't get tired of!  It doesn't give me a headache or knock people down.  It doesn't warn people that I am coming from miles away but when I am gone people can tell that I've been.  It's one that I hope my family remembers and smiles when they smell it!  It makes me feel pretty and girly and like I can do anything that I want to do!  And I sure as heck would rather wear it than poop!  So, if I feel that strongly about the way I smell then why on earth would I let me heart be any different!  Poop or perfume, I choose perfume! 

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  1. great post and reminder! thanks for sharing :)