March 22, 2011

Mixed Tape

Last week I had the best time in NC with my sister, Missy.  She and her sweet family are moving (houses, not cities) and she recruited me to come and help her "purge".  You see, my dear older sister is a bit of a hoarder and she needed a strong, honest, and tough voice to say "Heck no, it can't go!"  She's a hard one to crack seeing as if she can find sentimental value in almost everything she owns but I had to lay the law.  Which brings me to the topic at hand...the mixed tape!  You see, as Missy and I rummaged through her attic we actually found an entire box full of them.  She had saved them for years, shock of shocks but was finally ready to throw them away.  But before we did we couldn't resist looking through them and boy did the memories come flooding back. 
Image courtesy of GRAPHICS!
Remember the days of making the mixed tape?  We must have made hundreds of them growing up!  We made tapes for our friends filled with Debbie Gibson, Wilson Phillips, TLC, and Salt-N-Pepa just to name a few!  Then we would make tapes for our boyfriends at the time and I must say I am a little too embarrassed to name some of those songs!  And this was long before the days of iTunes or even Napster.  So, if you didn't have a tape or a single of your favorite song you would have to listen to the radio and hope like heck that you caught it in time to record it!  And I can't lie, there were times I would record a song even without the first verse because I had to haul tale from another room to hit record!  Ah, the good ole days! 
What are some songs that you would listen to the radio for hours on end to record right now?  Here are just a few of mine:
Grenade - Bruno Mars (I love it!)
Forget You - Ceelo Green (I like the clean version...It's really more my style these days!)
Boondocks - Little Big Town (I'm not ashamed...I was born and raised in the boonies!)
Raise Your Glass - Pink (Here's to you Pink!)
Anything Justin Bieber (Judge me if you will, I am not even going to pretend like I don't have Bieber Fever!)
Desert Song - Hillsong (I sing ridiculously loud to this in the car!)
Empire State of Mind - Jay Z. and Alicia Keys (The big lights inspire me, what can I say!)
A Little Bit Stronger - Sara Evans (Love love love a country girl power ballad!)
Something Beautiful - Needtobreathe (Been rocking it for months and months now....Love it!)
American Honey - Lady Antebellum (Anything by Lady A. honestly!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Take just a little time today to rock it out to one of your favorites! :) 


  1. Ahhh...the good old days of mixed tapes! I admit that I still have one or two that Linds made for me...I just cant bring myself to get rid of them! And I will confess that I too have Bieber Fever!!

  2. hahahaha, beiber fever, yall are funny! I can't agree with you on that, but I do love some Lady A! And thanks for reminding me about mixed tapes, I totally forgot that we had to record from the radio! so funny!

  3. Mare! I'm just catching up on your blog! Um, wow!!!! I may have to retrieve the mixed tapes before James purges them tomorrow :) Had so much fun last week! Love you kiddo!!!!