March 9, 2011

My Boys

This week as I was going through pictures I came across this:
You guessed it...this is my sweet hubby at 17 months!  I mean, how cute was he?  I bet he was a stud at preschool! :) 
And here's Wells at 17 months:
I know, I too was totally shocked at how different these little fellas look!  It's strange because there are so many times when I look at Wells I see so much of Graham...but it seems as if I am looking at Graham now and not Graham as a baby!  It was so fun to find the picture and to see what my husband looked like at the exact age our son is right now!  Regardless, I'm thinking about keeping them!


  1. Yea, I would keep them, they are really cute! Its amazing how different they look, but Im not sure that I've ever seen a little boy look so much like his mom...incredible really! Just a cute family all around! :)

  2. hey! I found your blog since you commented on mine!! so glad i did! i will read it your name and picture on here!
    so next time we are in greenville, we will just invite ourselves over for a cocktail hour, how about that?? hope you are ok with it b/c we are planning on it.