March 24, 2011

Right Now!

RIGHT NOW, Wells is almost 18 months old!  As he was eating his snack after Mother's Morning Out this week, I said to myself, "I have to take a picture of him RIGHT NOW!"
And RIGHT NOW as I look at this I can not believe how big he is!  You see, we are in what seems to be the stage of RIGHT NOW! 
Wells- "I want to play with your phone RIGHT NOW!  I want to get out of my high chair RIGHT NOW!  I don't want to stop screaming RIGHT NOW!  I want to eat everything in the grocery cart RIGHT NOW!  I'm not ready to come inside RIGHT NOW!  I would actually like to live outside RIGHT NOW!  It's 6:30 and I am up and at 'em, get up RIGHT NOW!  I can say "Hola!" one hundred times in a row and I'll do that RIGHT NOW!  But you ask me to say it in front of your friends and I just can't do that RIGHT NOW!  I can open the kitchen cabinet so I would like a snack RIGHT NOW!  I know I just ate breakfast but I would like some cookies RIGHT NOW!  You said not to turn off the TV but I do think I will do that RIGHT NOW!  And you said not to put my finger in the electrical outlet but I think I will do that anyway RIGHT NOW!  I am going to eat dirt, rip your magazine, pull Lucy's ears, throw my toys when I am mad, and put my entire hand in my yogurt over and over again and you know what Mommy...I am going to do it all RIGHT NOW!" 
And, well, RIGHT NOW I don't think I could possibly love him anymore!  RIGHT NOW I can't imagine being anywhere else than here with him!  I look at him and sometimes feel like my heart might explode!  Heck, it could explode RIGHT NOW as I type!  RIGHT NOW at times I feel challenged, frustrated, excited, happy, exhausted, and completely in love!  But mostly I feel pretty darn blessed RIGHT NOW! 
Oops, I hear a loud "Ma!" coming from his room which means nap time is over!  And you guessed it, he is ready to get up RIGHT NOW!

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  1. what a cute post, he is ADORABLE!!!