March 7, 2011

The Time We Ran Away!

In honor of my sister's wedding this weekend I thought I would tell a funny little story from our childhood.  You see, Kat and I are only 17 months apart so as you can imagine we had one heck of time growing up!  People usually asked my mom if we were twins!  It was fun!  (most of the time!)
Anyhoo, one day Katherine and I decided to run away!  You know, times are tough when you're 6 and 7 years old!  Don't you remember?  We had to do things like finish our homework before playing outside and we had to make our was a prison I tell ya!  And we had reached our limit!  So, we left!  We went far too...we moved into our neighbor's yard!  Here we are, I am the one with the bow!
The picture doesn't tell the whole story unfortunatley so let me fill you in on the details.  We decided to leave.  We started to pack.  Katherine grabbed clothes, toys, her favorite stuffed animal, and even managed to sneak some snacks.  I on the other hand only carried two things: a roll of toilet paper and our baby training potty!  I seemed to realize at a very young age that you could run into a lot of poop in the real world and a girl had better be prepared!  True story!  I am sure you can figure out the rest...we went back home before dinner!  But it made for good memories and what I hope to be a good post for a Monday morning! :)
Happy Wedding Week Kat-Bird!  Here's to you and your new partner in crime!


  1. Oh I love great! Happy Wedding Week Kat, so happy for you! Enjoy every minute!

  2. love the picture of you two as children and love the story! i would've carried some TP too :) haha