February 20, 2011

To you...

Dear Wells,
I was away from you all weekend and I thought about YOU a lot!  Before you were born I would go away with your daddy or for a girls' weekend and my thoughts would be focused on...well, me!  I would be so much more consumed with the thoughts of what I would eat or drink and what to wear that I would usually forget to fully embrace the experience at hand.  However, now when I am away from you things are not the same!  I look at the world in a completely different way! 
I cherish the time that I spend without you.  I know that sounds backward and almost hurtful but it isn't at all.  You see, I don't just leave you on a whim.  When you are not around it is usually because I am with some of the greatest and most precious people in my life.  I have become very peculiar about the things and people that take me away from you.  I cherish my treasured relationships and I hope that you will do the same!  And I realize that time is not to be wasted...especially time away from you!
I now find myself constantly looking at things on a Wells' scale.  If I travel somewhere beautiful I dream of the places that you will travel one day.  If I eat a delicious meal I wonder what meals you will devour.  When I am talking to my girlfriends about life, love, and marraige I wonder who the Lord has designed to talk to about you!  My desire for you to see life and the world has given me a new reason to dream for myself!
You see Buddy, time away from you is God's way of recharging my batteries.  And it's His way of showing me that time without you is rejuvenating and necessary but He also shows me that life with you is thoughtful and inspiring!  I realize that being your Mom makes me want to be the best me that I can be!   
Thanks for the time away!
I love you!
Ma (your version of Mommy)

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  1. this is so precious, i almost cried. i think/hope i will feel the same way one day as a mom...thanks for sharing :)