February 23, 2011

Kat's Girls Weekend!

Katherine, my middle sister is getting married in just over two weeks!  So, last weekend all of Kat's special girls headed up to Lake Keowee to celebrate!  This was not your typical Bacherlorette Party and I must tell you, it was better!  Take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean!
We slumbered here...one word, WOW!

We watched movies in the home theatre!  
Sex and the City 2...the perfect choice! 
We had chefs for Saturday night! 
Chef Mark and Chef Patrick 
We took a cooking class!
Bon Appetit! 
We made dessert, Paula Deen style!  Just look at all of that butter!
Our very own homemade dinner...which included hand-made tortellini! 
And we ate the most unbelievable Banana's Foster....ever!

So, was I right or what?  This wasn't your typical Bacherlorette Party!  However, we did manage to pull in a few traditions! 
We hung the infamous "Bacherlorette Banner"! 
We ate sweets and had a few cocktails! ;) 
We had a lingerie shower!  And Kat wore some very tasteful favors!

We chilled out at the bar! 
We wore matching t-shirts! 
We had girl time with girl talk! 
And we posed for pictures, of course! 

It's almost time for the big day!  The count-down is on!  And I can't wait!  Here's to Kat....the future Mrs. Westmoreland! 


  1. That house is amazing!!! Fun times!

  2. wow that looked like an awesome bachelorette party!!!

  3. Mary Lanier! I had no idea you had such a cute blog!! I will become a new follower, this minute :) Hope you & your sweet family are doing well!

  4. Jamie and Heather...it was a great weekend! :)
    Mandy, welcome my friend! After years of stalking your blog I finally took the plunge! And having a ball I must say!!

  5. that house is amazing! and i wish i could have been there for that meal...yum!

  6. Wow! Invite me next time! That looks amazing :)

    PS. Happy one year to Wells! The party looks adorable- I bet it was a hit!