February 25, 2011

It's a Special Day!

Okay, I know that he's been ONE for a while (since September) but I didn't have this fun little blog around the time of his first birthday!  So...I thought I would do a First Birthday Post today, on the day that he turns 17 months!  Fun, huh!
I must admit that I started thinking about his birthday party a few months before the big day!  It is such a special day (for mommy, daddy, and baby) and I wanted his day to be just perfect!  He had a major "bro-mance" with Mickey Mouse so coming up with a theme was pretty easy for me.  And once you have a theme you can do just about anything!
I started with this invitation!
And then it was time to design his 1st Birthday outfit!  To be honest I always thought we'd go a traditional birthday jon jon, but I didn't!  Here's what he wore:
Just love that snaggled-tooth grin he was rocking here! :)

As for the rest of the party details things just kinda came together on their own!  We did the party in our backyard thanks to my dear friend Beth!  She said we'd enjoy looking back at his party and with the memory of it being at our home...and boy was she right!  Here's how the rest of the party went:
The cookie-cutter party favors that my sweet friend Lindsey helped me put together!

The cupcakes made by Amanda Smith along with ice cream cups!

 The food table!  Excuse the fan, it was hot and we are in the south and well, we can't have a cook-out without our special guests...flies!
 The favor table!
Chef Mickey!
Wells' smash cake!

"Can't a boy eat his cake in peace?"

 Wells and D.D.!  (GrandJohn was running a little late!)
 Wells with his MiMi and Papa!
 Wells and his Nana and Pa Pa!
 Mandi, Aunt Missy, GrandJohn, and Tim
 Minnie Mouse (Patterson) and Archer
 Wells and Caroline
 The Stepps with Uncle Tim and Nana
 Papa giving Wells' birthday blessing!
 Kristen, the Plylers, and sweet Makenna!  You can also see Mia and her mommy Natalie in the background!
 Melinda and Brooke! 
These pictures do not even begin to portray how blessed and loved Graham and I felt on this day!  It was the perfect day to celebrate our precious boy!  And we were beyond thrilled that we were able to celebrate it with the most special people! 
"We will praise Him!  For you, Wells, were fearfully and wonderfully made!" Psalm 139:14
Happy 17 Months Buddy!  Thanks for all of the love, laughter, adventure, and fun you bring into our lives!

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  1. what precious pictures!!! looks like it was the perfect first bday party :)