February 17, 2011

Something Sweet and Something Sour!

Wells had his first experience with white chocolate on Valentine's Day!  His Mi Mi made these precious heart suckers and Wells was quite the fan.  I have the pictures to prove it! 
(Don't judge for the little bit of supper left on his cheek!  Life is just sometimes easier that way!)

Love the red drool as he runs back for more! 
One happy boy!  In LOVE with his heart sucker! 
The little teeth marks just trip me out! 
And even funnier was the sugar high that followed!  I sure wish I had video documentation of Wells post sucker!

That was sweet, right!  Now for the Sour:

The victim....

The culprit...

What do you have when you mix apple juice and pink Blackberry?
Me, without a phone!
Sour, right?


  1. that's not good! but maybe you'll get an iphone out of it. :)

  2. he is SOOOOO cute!