April 5, 2011


It's Masters Week!  Which means one thing...my TV will not leave the Golf Channel until coverage starts on CBS...fun for me, right?  Yea, not so much!  However, I do love admiring the scenery at Augusta National.  The azaleas could not be more beautiful!  And since Graham did an internship in college at a local golf course he knows some of the inside scoop about the upkeep and maintenance of these amazing plants which makes them ever the more interesting to me!  So to get into the swing of things (haha!) I thought I would show you guys a few blooms from my yard!  It's doesn't hold a candle to some that you may see on TV this week but I love them!
 I think these guys are one of the greatest things about living in a older home!  Graham and I always look forward to Spring to see all of the different colors.  The first year that we lived in our house it was so fun to watch them bloom because we had no idea what they would look like!
 For how great is his goodness, and how great his beauty!
Zechariah 9:17

 Love love love this coral color!
This one is by far my favorite!  It doesn't fully bloom until late Spring so here's just a sneak peek of the beautiful color!
I hope you have a really beautiful Tuesday! 

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