April 27, 2011

Prince Charming

It's Royal Wedding Week...in case you hadn't heard! :)  I thought it would be oh so fitting to talk the next few days about my fairy tale life!  (Que sarcastic tone:  Because that's just what it is 100% of the time...a Fairy Tale!)
I met my prince charming in high school!  I was a senior and he was a junior (I am a cougar!) and I actually asked him out!  Talk about breaking all of the rules!  We had a seven year off and on courtship before our royal wedding (more to come on that Friday!).  And we have been married now for just under five years!  And let me tell ya, the longer I am married to this man the more I realize that he is a true prince!  And here's how I know:
He's strong!  All prince charmings must be strong...ya know, just in case they have to fight off any dragons!
  The Kiss!  I mean, it only took one to change the lives of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!  Kisses are very important!
He is chivalrous!  I was cold, he took off his coat, and we have the picture to prove it!
He cleans up well, and that's important for a prince and important to a princess!
I think the walk says it all! 
Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets!  Don't most fairy tale couples ride off into them? 
Just look at him!  He's just the cutest thing!  I am pretty darn lucky that out of all of the people in the world, the Lord had him designed just for me!  And though life is not always a perfect fairy tale (GASP!) when you are married to a man like this it's easy to forget that it's not!


  1. what a great post about your cute hubby!

  2. y'all are so adorable, love all of the pics! and such a sweet post :)

  3. Sorry I am so late...I'm finally catching up on my blogs! I LOVE this post. Adorable! You and Graham are such a sweet, fun and loving couple. xoxo