April 8, 2011

Last Weekend's Recap

I know, the most original title ever, right?  As we head into the weekend I thought I would pay tribute to the last!
I'll start with Friday:
The Butler kiddos were in Greenville for the weekend and it just so happened to be CeCe's birthday (as I mentioned last week).  And, Johnny's birthday was Sunday so we hit two birds with one stone!
 Make a wish!
Wells had a ball playing with his big cousins all weekend!  And, he also loved being able to play in his car inside the house!  These are the things you get to do at D.D. and GrandJohn's house!  :)

On Saturday we had the chance to hangout with the Stepp clan as we celebrated our nephew Andrew's birthday!  The weather was beautiful and my sister-in-law Emily had planned the perfect baseball party!  It was quite the hit! (no pun intended!)  Wells absolutely loved being outside and we all loved the great fellowship!  Shame on me for not having my camera!  Below you will see our nephews Ayden and Andrew...Andrew is on the right and he was the birthday boy!

And then it was Sunday!  I love Sundays!  And I especially loved last Sunday because it was time to celebrate Brooke and shower her with gifts for Baby Bo!  It was so nice to sit, talk, laugh, eat, and just BE with some of the best girls in the world!  Thanks Brooke, for giving us a reason to celebrate!  We love you! 
 Coming soon....babies due in May, June, and July!  The order from left to right is actually June, May, July!
 Brooke and Bo's Grammie!
 Sweet Mommas!
 Bo's "Coming Home" outfit!
I did not want to leave these girls....
But this was a pretty sweet sight to come home to! 
Happy Friday everyone! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. such sweet pictures :) have a great weekend!

  2. love the shower pics and the sweet "Bo" themed food! such a cute idea!!

  3. love this post! what a fun weekend and I hate leaving yall too! so blessed to celebrate life with yall!