April 6, 2011

Thank you! Thank you!

Well, thank you Jami for your kind nomination!  You, my friend, are one stylish blogger!  :)  And, I must also apologize to Ginna who nominated me back in January!  I am so sorry that I never accepted!  What was I thinking? 

So, here's what I am supposed to do:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. (Check!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself. (Check!  See below!)
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers. (Kinda Check!  Not quite 15...and some not recently discovered)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.  (No Check!  I am just going to let these little ladies find out on their own!)

My Seven:

1. I love Jesus!  Even if I sound like a Jesus Freak, I don't care!  I'm telling you, He is amazing!  I hope you know Him!  He'll rock your world, just saying! 

2. I really don't like mayonnaise!  The thought of eating it on a sandwich makes me gag a little.  I will eat it in chicken salad and a few other things but I am really not a fan of the stuff!

3. I LOVE beach music!  Now I am not talking about the Beach Boys, don't give me any California Girls!  I am talking about The Tams, The Embers, The Catalinas, Percy Sledge, Chairmen of the Board, The Temptations...the good stuff!  If the words "There ain't no other kind of music in the world that gives me quite the thrill" mean nothing to you then you are missing out!

4. My favorite, all-time favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is ride around different neighborhoods with Graham!  I don't think he so much loves it but he'll do it every once in a while!  I love to imagine and dream about life, our children, etc.  Hey, you have GOT to have a dream!

5. My cowboy boots and jean jacket are some of my most favorite fashion accessories!  Together or separate.  I have had the same jean jacket since high school and I have no plans of getting rid of it anytime soon!  And it's a cool one too!  You'd never know it was that old! ;)

6. Having a clean house can totally change my mood.  I'm just a little OCD like that!  I can't go to sleep in a messy room and I can't put Wells down for bed or a nap if his room is messy!  I am a freak!

7. I have detailed conversations in my head sometimes lots of times about some pretty hot topics.  They usually have to do with religion and education.  I think I could change the world...when talking to myself of course! 

Those are just some random things about me!  Let's meet some of these girls...
The award goes to:
5. Lauren in Greenville
8. Lauren in Africa

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