April 11, 2011

Yard Dog!

Wells LOVES being outside!  I mean, he loves it!  Like, he cries when we come in!  So, if the sun is out and the weather is nice this is what my day looks like!  Spring has officially sprung on the Confederate!
 "Hey, who's this guy?"
 Wells is trying to convince Lucy to come and play...I don't think it's working!
And here's Lucy, my not so much a yard dog!  She is sunbathing in this picture and does not seem the least bit amused to be out in the heat!  So, the title to this post is most definitely referring to my sweet little guy and not my four-legged girl! :)
Hope you are all having fun in the sun as well!


  1. Love your sweet little guy! He is seriously the cutest! And I also love your adorable Easter decorations!

  2. I love this little yard dog! Could squeeze him silly :)