April 14, 2011


I am embarrassed to say that with summer approaching I have found a new obsession!  As others are posting about beach houses, summer wardrobes, and kids running through sprinklers I am sitting in my living room dreaming about a banana pudding milkshake from Chick Fil A!  I will not tell you how many I have had nor will I tell you whether or not I will have one today!  But I will tell you that I love them!  Have you had one?  It's heaven , in styrofoam, with a straw, and a cherry!  Get one today...it could change your life! ;)
Photo courtesy of grubgrade.com
Photo courtesy of brandeating.com.
Jami blogged about her first experience with one here!  I want to know what you think about them too!


  1. yeah they are pretty much AMAZING! glad i got the smaller size, a friend of mine and i looked it up the other day, the large has 1000 calories in it...WOW! but i'll take the 700ish calories in the small once in a while, because its just that good haha :)

  2. ooooo i can't wait to try one...ive been a little nervous about it! i will say that chic-a-lay (as lu calls it) has never done me wrong!!! hooray a new treat!