December 13, 2010

And Then I Don't Feel....So Bad!

As I am listening to all sorts of Christmas music this month, on the radio, T.V., my iPod, etc. I am often perplexed as to why some songs are considered Christmas songs.  Like this one for instance "My Favorite Things".  I mean, don't get me wrong...I love The Sound of Music, I just don't understand what it "really" has to do with Christmas.  But, what the heck!  I've decided to throw caution to the wind.  So, to get into the spirit I thought I would do a little favorite things list myself, ML style!  (Please imagine Oprah shouting from stage "IT'S MY FAVORITE THINGS!"  I need that kind of excitement people!)

My Favorite Things
(in no particular order!)

The picture says it all!  Honestly, my world becomes a better place when I hear the sound of a popped top followed by this sizzling goodness being poured over ice!  And, if you really want to see me smile just bring me a LARGE Diet Coke from McDonalds!  Really, it is perfection!  (Just ask my Aunt Missy!)


Ahh, my Rainbows!  These shoes are truly a part of my soul!  When you look at these sandals you probably see a pair of shoes that are worn and ragged.  When I look at them I see years of experiences!  These flops have been with me all over the world, literally!  They've spent the summer in Canada serving young people as I did my best to show them Christ!  They've been on an East Asian adventure to Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia as I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to see my Aunt Nonnie and Uncle Barry!  They walked the sand for the first time side by side with my husband on our honeymoon.  And they witnessed way more than I feel safe to type throughout 4 amazing years at Clemson!  These shoes are awesome. REALLY. AWESOME!


The sound of Wells laughing!  It's revitalizing, refreshing, and reminds me that I've had a part in something good great! 

Children's Books!  I can't help it, I am an early childhood educator.  They're just a part of who I am!  If you see me walking into Barnes n' Noble you'll inevitably find me in the Children's book section.  I could stay there for hours.  It's peaceful, fun, and full of adventure! 

NewSpring Church... I love this place!  It is truly one of the biggest blessings in my life!  The Lord has taught me SO many things through the teachings of this church!  I am all- in, sold out, and down right drinking the kool-aid of this ministry! 

Come on now, I am a girl from the south!  My name is Mary Lanier for goodness sake!  I usually have to introduce myself by saying, "No, I don't go by Mary, it's a double name!"  Anyway, I like monograms!  We used to say about my mother, "If it sits still long enough she'll monogram it!"  Well, like the old saying goes, "Like mother like daughter"!
I just don't know if that needs much of a description!


 A white v-neck tee!  I can conquer the world in this thing...or just sleep, whatever!  In my closet you may or may not find at least 10 of them.  And some may or may not have numerous holes...I'm just sayin, they're my favorite!

I love music!  I really love it!  I love all kinds, from pop to Southern Gospel, from country to R & B, from Beach Music to Broadway...I love it all!  Right now I really love Christmas music, like really love it!   "So, Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing!  Thanks for all the joy they're bringing!  Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty, What would life be?'  For all of you ABBA fans, that's for you!  ;)  Music is so much a part of life.  And I believe there is usually a song for every situation!  Could be why I was diagnosed by my college friends as having musical touretts, I don't know!

And last but not least Ten:

People!  Now, I just so happened to put my two most favorite people above...but I am truly blessed by SO many other wonderful people in my life.  And I love them!  I love spending time with people.  I love laughing and talking to them.  I love listening to them.  I love dreaming with them!  I love people that I know and people that I don't!  And chances are...if you are reading this blog:  I love you!
Take time to remember what matters most this CHRISTmas!  I hope your season is filled with all of your favorite things! 

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