December 10, 2010

On Your Own Front Door!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is something that Graham and I both enjoy doing every year!  I am posting about it now because we are doing it tonight and I am very excited!  It's free and fun and comes highly recommended.  Here's what you need: Christmas music, a car, a driver, (it's way more fun if you're in the passenger seat) a fun hot drink from Starbucks, and a list of neighborhoods!  Yes ladies and gentlemen, we love to ride around and look at Christmas lights.  We have veteran neighborhoods that we visit each year and we have rookie neighborhoods.  We even have a favorites list complete with categories: Favorite Traditional, Favorite Tacky, Favorite Not-in-this-Lifetime, and Wells' Favorite. (He doesn't really get a vote we're just looking for the one with the most lights and blow-ups...with extra points for music.  So, get ready everyone.  Adorn your humble abode.  The Stepps could be coming to a neighborhood near you!

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  1. we rode around several while ginna was here! had to check out the house on broad street. there is actually a great nativity scene in their yard now, and even a large Advent Wreath hanging on the porch....maybe I can get a picture for you to see. hugs!