December 29, 2010

It Was So Merry!

And it was White!
It was such a merry Christmas!  The special day was full of love, laughter, and joy.  And the whole thing left me feeling...well, pretty darn blessed!  Christmas is by far one of my favorite times of the year and Christmas day is always so magical!  You can see why for yourself:
CeCe, Patterson, and Wells waiting to go in and see if Santa came!  I'm sure he did...these are some mighty sweet kiddos!

He came! 

Forget presents...Santa left cookies!  How are they buddy?

Playing with Mommy and Daddy!

Such a big boy on Christmas day!

We all love D.D. and GrandJohn!

Johnny, looking like such a natural with baby Tee!

CeCe and Aunt Mare ready to open some presents! 

I'm not sure how CeCe feels but Mommy and Daddy look pretty excited!  And Patterson's shirt...a witch on Christmas day, perfect choice! :)

My pretty mama!
The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Westmoreland!  We are so excited about March 12!
I love this paper!
Wells sure is having fun!

 Our annual pajama pant picture!

This is so Pat Pat!  Please notice the snow in the background!  Patterson, a bathing suit is a perfect accessory for the snow!

If we were dreaming of a white Christmas, our dreams came true!  Christmas and snow sure do bring out the kids in all of us!  We had "snow" much fun playing!

 Happy Birthday Jesus!  With all of the fun, snow, and presents it's sometimes easy to forget to celebrate the reason.  But you, precious and holy one, are by far the greatest gift of all! 

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