December 6, 2010

A Whole Lot of Imperfection!

Looks like one perfect face, doesn't it!
I am a new (well, within the past year) stay-at-home mom with a precious 14 month old! I used to use the word "perfect" to describe my son but as he grows and as I learn more and more about him I realize that perfect is just not the best adjective. I mean, don't get me wrong, this kiddo is the best thing that I have ever done...but he's not perfect. For example, he now has an extremely snotty nose almost 100% of the time...not perfect. He needs to hear "NO!" usually around 1,000 times and still has a hard time with the concept...anything but perfect. He enjoys putting his hands in his dirty diaper as I am changing it...gross and so not perfect! He's not a good napper and for all of you moms out there you know just how imperfect this one is! But, it's the craziest thing, even with all of that I love him more than I can even describe!
I have been consistently amazed since Wells' birth of how much the Lord loves me, really imperfect me!
1- He loved me enough to entrust this imperfect little life in my hands to nurture and raise! WOW!

2-He loved me enough to give me an awesome mate to raise this little life along side of! Another WOW!

3-He sent his precious and PERFECT son Jesus to Earth to make this whole thing so much easier! God's son really was perfect.  He came to earth, led a sinless life, and then died on a cross for this imperfect mom, my imperfect husband, and my imperfect son! WOW, the PERFECT word to describe that one!

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