December 6, 2010

Here I Am! (And Disclaimer!)

Well, I have officially caved and started blogging! I have an open addiction to reading all about others' lives through their blogs.  Really addicted, as in "Hello, my name is Mary Lanier and I am a blog addict."  And in unison you would all reply "Hi Mary Lanier!" 
Just this past weekend I was talking to my bestest friend Brooke...  
This is Brooke!
and our conversation went a little like this:
Me: I have found a new blog that I love reading!
Brooke: Mare, why don't you start a blog?
Me: Well, I really don't have time.
And that's when I had a personal conviction that I am a true blog addict.  Check it may be one too!
1- I read blogs regularly and ask friends for blog recommendations.
2- I feel as if I know the people that I read about even though we've never met.
3- I get mad when people either a- don't update their blogs regularly, or b-don't add enough pictures to their posts.
4- And, the big one...I am in denial about the fact that I have plenty of time to start my own blog.  I mean really, I spend at least 30+ minutes a day reading about the lives of other people!  Come on, I have time to type a little about myself!  So.....HERE I AM!
I hope you all enjoy reading just a little bit about our home, family, and "Stepps" through life! And I just couldn't resist the play on words with our last name! :)
One small disclaimer:
You will read about all sorts of things on here...probably lots about my son Wells, my husband Graham, my savior Jesus, my beagle Lucy, family, food, shopping, music, beer, you name may read it! I hope you enjoy it...but if you don't that's okay too! This blog is about me, and I will enjoy my STEPPS enough for the both of us!

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  1. Yay! I'm really excited to start reading you blog, Mare! Love you!